How You Know You Might Need an Environmental Consulting Firm

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Environmental Consultation

An environmental consulting firm offers a number of valuable services to organizations looking to understand, and improve, their environmental impact. While not every organization needs this type of support, there are specific situations when the assistance of a consultant is very useful, or even necessary. How do you know you might need an environmental consulting firm? Start with these scenarios.


Consider an environmental consulting firm when you need to ensure compliance with environmental regulations.

One of the key roles of an environmental consulting firm is to ensure compliance with environmental regulations. These regulations are numerous, and can be complex. They may also come from a number of sources, from federal to state and even local agencies. The consequences of violating one of these regulations can be significant. Infractions can incur heavy fines and other penalties.

For instance, your organization deals in areas that touch on the environment and handling materials like oil and natural gas. Or you handle property where the soil might be impacted or require testing. You may be faced with the need to comply with environmental regulations. Even something as simple as renovating an old building may require you to consider regulations concerning environmental issues like lead paint or asbestos.

Rather than trying to keep up with these regulations yourself, and risk penalties if you fail. Your best course of action is to hire an environmental consulting firm to assist. These professionals are aware of the relevant environmental compliance solutions and will offer guidance and resources for staying up to code.


Consider an environmental consulting firm when you need to minimize health concerns regarding environmental projects.

An environmental consulting firm can be of assistance in mitigating the health risk. Especially if you are beginning a project with potential health ramifications because of the substances or practices being utilized. 

For example, if your business is beginning an asbestos removal project, you may wish to have the firm help you evaluate strategies. Beginning with minimizing exposure and managing any unintentional exposure or emergencies that may arise. In addition, the firm can help you to remain in compliance with OSHA regulations guiding the removal of hazardous materials from a building.

Alternatively, say you hope to purchase some new equipment for your business but are unsure about it’s environmental impact. You may wish to hire an environmental consulting firm to conduct emission testing or dispersal modeling. This is to determine how far and how serious the new equipment’s impact may be. The right information, and resources, can help you avoid major health problems while implementing processes that are both safe and effective.

Consider an environmental consulting firm when you need assistance with environmental engineering and design projects.

At times, the projects you undertake will require specific engineering and design elements in order to meet environmental regulations. Furthermore, they can resolve environmental issues, or help you to meet your organization’s individual environmental goals.

An environmental consulting firm can be a useful partner in planning and carrying out projects during these times. Not only can they ensure that the process and design used will be effective, but they can provide guidance throughout the process regarding regulatory compliance. Valuable efficiency can turn a good idea into a strong and effective reality for your organization.

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Environmental Design

Consider an environmental consulting firm when you need to save money on environmental projects.

Finally, you may want to consider an environmental consulting firm when you need to save money on environmental projects. For example, a new building you are constructing that is supposed to reduce power usage by 40 percent. This can easily run you over budget by millions of dollars if you encounter delays or errors. However, an environmental consulting firm may be able to assist you in creating a sound plan of execution. By implementing a design that maximizes the efficiency of the project, they will save you money.

Similarly, when you need to reduce your emissions by 5 percent in order to remain in compliance with new federal guidelines. An environmental consulting firm can help you identify the most efficient way to minimize emissions without sacrificing your company’s productivity or profitability. By doing so, they can save you money not only in fines but also in time and implementation.

An environmental consulting firm can be a desirable partner for a whole range of scenarios your organization may face. Whether you want to ensure compliance with regulations, implement sustainable or green initiatives, minimize health concerns, get help with engineering or design projects, or save money, these professionals can provide you with the guidance and resources you require. Here at Providence-Oris, we specialize in environmental compliance solutions, as well as a variety of products and services designed to make your environmental projects more efficient and effective.