Thomas Bowman, PH.D.

Tom Bowman

Tom was the President of Bowman Environmental, Inc. from 1982 through 2006. He founded Bowman Environmental in 1982 to:
(1) Develop microcomputer models
(2) Conduct training seminars, and
(3) provide consulting services.

He has prepared PSD permit applications for industrial clients and performed dispersion modeling studies. He has rewritten EPA mainframe guideline air dispersion models and several emergency release models for use on microcomputers, including adding many custom features for ease-of-use and to enhance model output. These programs, along with data entry and other support software, has evolved into BEE-Line Software. Tom was the principal instructor of U.S. EPA’s course No. 423 Dispersion of Air Pollution Theory and Model Application prior to moving to Asheville. In 1988, Tom rewrote the instructor’s guide, student workbook, and student manual for this course under contract to EPA. Also in 1987, Tom founded the BEE-Line Training Center in Dallas, and is the principal instructor for Bowman Environmental’s own Hands-On Modeling courses. Additionally, Tom conducts in-house courses for consultants, state agencies and industry. Teaching has taken Tom as far as Jakarta, Indonesia for a course for the national petroleum company of Indonesia.

Prior to establishing Bowman Environmental, Inc., Tom worked at an air pollution consulting firm as a project manager. In this position, he managed numerous projects including air permit applications, emission inventories, control technology reviews, and air quality dispersion modeling analyses. Prior to that, Tom was the director of the Canton, Ohio Air Pollution Control Agency, where he was responsible for all activities of the 12-man Agency, including permit review, code enforcement, ambient monitoring and plant inspections.

Tom received a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Ohio University in 1970, a Master of Science degree in Environmental Science in 1982 from the University of Texas at Dallas, and a Ph.D. in 1989 from the University of Texas at Dallas. He is entering his fourth decade in the environmental field. He was an adjunct professor at Southern Methodist University for five years.