Whether you’re new to modeling, an experienced professional, a manager, or just someone who needs modeling advice, Providence/Oris can help.

  • We offer¬†broad based training courses for air permit modeling and advanced modeling topics;
  • Periodic webinars to explain updates to the models and new modeling tools and techniques
  • Custom training for your specific needs


  • We offer¬†exceptional modeling software with an easy-to-use graphical interface.¬† The software helps the modeler to easily view the inputs and the outputs, make plots, create specific scenarios, diagnose problems, and create shareable plots and data summaries.
  • Advanced data gathering tools to reduce the research burden on the modeler
  • Continuous updates to software to address EPA updates and additional tools to ease the modeling process
  • Custom software for your unique purposes


Our expert air modelers are ready leverage their knowledge and experience to help you achieve your goal.

  • If you need basic modeling information or advice, we can help
  • If you need air permit modeling (toxics, criteria pollutants, PSD, NNSR, etc.), we can help
  • If you need to evaluate a series of operating scenarios to find the ones that comply, we can help
  • If you are working through a Risk Assessment, we can help
  • If you are in the planning phase and want to know how air modeling will affect your project, we can help
  • If you need to do modeling following an audit, we can help
  • Whether your air modeling need is simple or complicated, big or small, standard or unusual, we can help!