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One year after the initial purchase, an annual maintenance fee is required to receive continued support. A Single User license allows for the installation of this program on multiple computers used by the single user only. A Multi User license allows for unlimited installations of this program by all employees physically located in the same city or metro area. The computers used may be in remote locations.

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When you are tasked to put together a dispersion modeling study or related air quality analysis, you need an edge to help you through the process effectively and efficiently. With BEEST, the air quality modeling process has never been easier.

  • BEEST includes all the parts you need for AERMOD, ISCST3 and ISC-Prime air quality modeling.
  • BEEST has all of the source, receptor and graphics tools you need.
  • Enter your data once, then run all three programs.
  • The BEEST user interface is user friendly and intuitive, making BEEST the best choice for an air quality model management package.

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BEEST for Windows now supports the ability to partition AERMOD runs on multi-processor and multi-core computers, enabling users to get AERMOD processing results 2, 4, or even 8 times faster than regular AERMOD runs. Best of all, this feature is provided at no additional cost!

BEEST is more than just a data entry program or a collection of parts. We call it a Modeling Manager. Why? Because everything you need for AERMOD, ISCST3 and ISC-Prime modeling – from source entry, to receptor generation, building calculations, to model execution, results analysis, and more – is presented in a seamless, user-intuitive interface that makes BEEST for Windows a true modeling project management tool. No need to decide which model you need to run before entering your data. BEEST for Windows makes it as easy as click, click, click to run all three models. You do not need to re-enter any data or import from one program to another. With BEEST for Windows, running an air dispersion model is a piece of cake!

  • BEEST has the option of entering source, receptor and building data two ways :
    • Fill in the blanks in our data entry forms
    • Point and click to add sources, receptors, and buildings at your facility
  • BEEST allows for an unlimited number of sources, receptors and buildings
  • BEEST stores up to 500 pollutant emissions for each source
  • With BEEST, each pollutant has its own averaging period, making batch processing simple

Entering and deciding on spacing for receptors can be a real chore, but not in BEEST for Windows. Only BEEST allows you to automatically generate a fenceline-following grid of receptors. You can even overlay additional receptor networks that automatically exclude overlapping and on-property receptors using our unique Special Grids. Plus, all the EPA receptor types are supported.

Incompatible meteorological data files are a thing of the past with BEEST for Windows. BEEST will read all supported met data file formats. BEEST will even retrieve the station numbers, IDs, and names for you automatically from your file and our supplied, user-editable met station list. BEEST for Windows even includes AerSurface and AerMet to process data for AerMod.

System Requirements

400 MB hard disk free space

Windows 8.1 or a later version

Microsoft .NET Framework version 3.5

Microsoft .NET Framework version 4 or a later version

Image Gallery Descriptions

First Image : Input Graphics: BEEST allows you to see what is being modeled graphically and to draw the sources to model on the screen.
Second Image : Output Graphics: BEEST allows contours of the ISC or AERMOD output concentrations to be shown on the screen.
Third Image : Output Options: The Output Options section in BEEST allows you to select which outputs to generate and specify that the ISC or AERMOD model should create special-purpose output files.
Fourth Image : Source Grid: The sources to model and their input parameters can be entered in an Excel-like grid in BEEST. Sources can also be copied from Excel into this grid and from the grid into Excel.
Fifth Image : Startup: This screen is shown when BEEST opens.


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