AerScreen for Windows


This product comes with the first year of maintenance, which includes unlimited downloads and updates. We offer discounted renewal rates at $260/year for a single user license and $520/year for a multi user license if your subscription is renewed prior to its expiration. If your subscription expires without renewal, you’ll have to repurchase the product at its full retail price. Don’t worry, though, we’ll remind you when your subscription is drawing to a close.

One year after the initial purchase, an annual maintenance fee is required to receive continued support. A Single User license allows for the installation of this program on multiple computers used by the single user only. A Multi User license allows for unlimited installations of this program by all employees physically located in the same city or metro area. The computers used may be in remote locations.

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Do you need to conduct a screening dispersion modeling analysis? EPA’s AERSCREEN is the recommended choice for this kind of air quality modeling study. AERSCREEN is EPA’s screening model version of the AERMOD dispersion model. Our version, the intuitive AerScreen for Windows, has all the features missing from EPA’s AERSCREEN, including great on- screen graphics. This single source model accommodates flat as well as elevated terrain. The source modeled may be a point, flare, area, or volume source.

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Multi User License, Multi User License – Annual Maintenance Fee, Single User License, Single User License – Annual Maintenance Fee, Upgrade License to Multi-User

System Requirements

50 MB hard disk free space

Windows 8.1 or a later version

Microsoft .NET Framework version 4 or a later version

Image Gallery Descriptions

First Image: The input summary allows you to see all the model inputs at the same time.
Second Image: After running the AerScreen model, you can plot the output concentrations for various time periods and save the plot to a file.
Third Image: AerScreen allows you to define the distance from the source of emissions for which the output concentrations will be calculated.
Fourth Image: Five source types can be modeled within AerScreen. For each one, AerScreen for Windows allows you to enter the appropriate input parameters.


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