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AERMOD Wizard features a clickable map interface that allows you to quickly and efficiently find and download:

  • Surface and upper air meteorological data for US stations
  • Ambient monitoring data for criteria pollutants from the EPA AirData system

With the downloaded meteorological data, you can call and run AERMET and AERMINUTE to process raw data into an AERMOD-ready format.

With the ambient monitoring data, AERMOD Wizard can create an AERMOD-ready background data file that can be built using any of the temporal modes in AERMOD.

If you’re conducting Tier 3 NO2 modeling with the AERMOD’s OLM or PVMRM algorithms, AERMOD Wizard can construct an hourly ozone file for you.  AERMOD Wizard also includes routines for statistical evaluation of the raw data, such as maxima, minima, missing hours of data (by quarter), etc.

Other data analysis tools include the wind rose, pollutant rose, and forward/backward trajectory tools. Wind rose, pollutant rose, and forward/backward trajectories can all be exported to Google Earth. The trajectory tool can also plot the trajectories on AERMOD Wizard’s map interface or write a text file of all trajectory points.

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  • Display source locations
  • Display the location of met stations and monitoring sites
  • Display Class I areas and calculate Q/D for nearby Class I areas
  • Select a surface met station and download data
  • Select an upper air station and download data
  • Select a monitoring site and download data
  • Process met data with AERMET and AERMINUTE
  • Display a wind rose of the surface data
  • Calculate a forward or backward trajectory for a specific time period
  • Export a forward or backward trajectory to Google Earth
  • Calculate percentage of missing data
  • Calculate temporally varying values
  • Fill missing ozone hours
  • Save data in an AERMOD compatible file format
  • Display a pollutant rose

System Requirements

540 MB hard disk free space

Windows 8.1 or a later version

Microsoft .NET Framework version 4 or a later version

Image Gallery Descriptions

First Image: The sources to model can be entered in an Excel-like grid in AERMOD Wizard. Sources can be copied from Excel to this grid and from this grid to Excel.
Second Image: Download ambient monitoring data for a selected ozone monitoring site.
Third Image: Calculate percentage of missing data within a year of ambient monitoring data.
Fourth Image: Calculate and display Q/D for a nearby Class I area.


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