From the beginning Providence/Oris has been on the forefront of technology and consulting, providing software, training, and other services. We were once three separate entities (Oris Services, BEE-Line Software and Enviromod Training) yielding the most robust, economically affordable, and time efficient products and services in the industry.

A rope woven of three strands is hard to break, and we are now that rope that unites you with success. We have merged the three to become a one stop place for all your environmental needs, serving you in such an efficient manner that you’ll ask:

Why didn’t they think of this sooner?

Our sole purpose and goal of everything we do is to make you and your company successful and to assure that the results you get are not only satisfactory, they are accurate as well.

Detail oriented and mission critical, our staff has been thoroughly trained to handle almost every environmental need to meet the demands of our clients. Have a problem? Don’t worry, we got it covered.


Providence is a full service consulting company offering environmental, engineering, disaster recovery, placement, technology, architecture, surveying, and other support services. We provide our services to both the government and industry sector across the country and abroad. In 2014, Providence acquired Oris Solutions (now Providence/Oris) in order to provide a holistic solution for our clients’ air quality needs.

With this acquisition and the addition of stack testing, Providence has become the first and only company to offer clients the full spectrum of air quality services from permitting to modeling, compliance, and testing. This vertically integrated comprehensive offering provides clients the convenience of “one-stop shopping” and confidence in the cohesiveness and integrity of the services they receive.

Providence is committed to lifting some of the air quality regulatory burdens for our clients by developing compliance strategies and technically sound, cost-effective solutions. Whether you face a permitting issue, an emission testing question, a dispersion modeling challenge, or an emission control problem, our dynamic team of air quality professionals has solutions.

Providence is pleased to have you as a client and we look forward to continuing to serve you. Find out more about our services at www.providenceeng.com.


    • We had revamped our services by building a team composed of top-notched Experts, seasoned in their field that are accessible to you and can give you unlimited options to help you achieve success.
    • We have built an entirely new online system that houses all your software purchases and training registrations in one place for easier accounting and accessibility.
    • Getting lost is a thing of the past: Our new website has been designed to get you the information you need fast and easy.
    • Our Training events are individually planned and created to assure you are receiving cutting edge information that will keep you at the edge of your seat (and at peak in your field).
  • We have built an online application system that you can access anywhere to purchase, download and view everything that belongs to you.


1982 – 2006

Bowman Environmental was founded in 1982 by J. Thomas Bowman. From there Dr. Bowman developed the Bee-Line Software products by rewriting the EPA mainframe guideline for air dispersion models and several emergency release models for use on microcomputers.

In addition to developing the most intuitive & user friendly air dispersion modeling software in the industry, Dr. Bowman also established the Bee-Line Training program, which he has been conducting for over 15 years in the United States and around the world. His courses in industrial permit modeling and the use of AerMod & CalPuff software are the foundation for the new EnviroMod University curriculum. The core theory of teaching students a “hands on” method of air dispersion modeling has established a reputation in the industry as one of the best places to send employees for training.

The main principle that Dr. Bowman invoked in developing a quality modeling management tool is simple and unchanged since the company’s founding: Develop a Product for Modelers by Modelers.

2007 – 2014

Bowman Environmental & BEE-Line Software became Oris Solutions, LLC in 2007. Dr. Bowman, along with some new partners formed Oris Solutions to protect the legacy that BEE-Line established in the industry and to provide continuity for the next 25 years. In a changing world with challenging new demands for air dispersion modeling software and training, Oris continued to develop new and effective modeling solutions.

During this time Oris Solutions offered some of the most popular products and services available to the environmental management community. In addition to the original software and training capabilities, Oris began offering consulting services in order to lend a helping hand in “overflow” situations.

2014 – Present

In 2014 Oris Solutions was acquired by Providence Engineering and Environmental Group.  As a full service environmental consulting firm, Providence was an excellent fit to support air modeling software, training, and consulting services.  The software division of Providence (Providence/Oris) continues to develop and support the most useful and user-friendly air modeling software available.  We also offer quarterly modeling training course in our Austin Training Center as well as other periodic in-person training classes and webinars.  The air modelers at Providence are experienced professionals ready to tackle any modeling hurdle.  We can take on modeling projects independently as well as help our software customers with their current work.